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Our privacy policy

Time Zone Genius values your privacy and does not sell any of your information to any third parties, or record any data other than standard industry practice.

Information we record

  • Server logs - Like almost all other web servers, our server records a subset of the information your browser sends to us when it requests pages. This could include your browser version, operating system, and IP address. This information is only used for internal technical and statistical purposes, and the information is periodically discarded.

Information that your browser may send to third parties

  • Visitor statistics - When you visit this site, your browser sends basic information to Google Analytics so that we can track visitor trends in order to adjust the content to serve you better.
  • Advertising - Some pages on this site may contain advertising. Your browser will send a request to the advertising server, which in turn may record details about that request. We deal only with the most reputable advertisers.